Sam Bourne

Yoga classes in Balham, South West London

Why Exercise with us?

My passion - Nutritional Therapy and Yoga the perfect mix for health of mind body and soul.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I work on a one to one basis with people who want to learn how to create their own optimum nutrition and support and prevent health issues. I'll help you to understand what is harmful to the body and digestive health and how to increase wellbeing, energy and vitallity
... through healthier lifestyle, improving digestion and positive food choices.

Nutritional Knowledge gives you the tools you need to understand your own needs and
guide you through the enormous amount of information available.

Nutritional Therapy Includes:
One to one personal investigation into your case history
Nutritional plan
Targeted Supplements if required
Advice on Vegetarianism or Vegan diets
Digestive health including microbiome
General education on healthier choices

Please get in touch via this site to enquire about Nutritional Therapy consultations.

Yoga Classes:

I have practiced Yoga for many years, and taught it for 8 years. It is the perfect physical exercise as you can use it as a tool to get fit, to become flexible and to support well-being. It is the perfect antidote to stressful lifestyles and a mini escape from the everyday life.
Vinyasa Flow is based on a sequence of sun salutation, warrior postures, balances and mat work and is dynamically focused on movement and breath, building strong muscular structure and confidence in your own body.
I use gentle guiding to keep your posture correct and protected from injury and at the end a moment of peace through guided relaxation allowing you to float home.
This type of Yoga can have a profound effect on health and everyday life. Everybody will be at different levels some have more stamina, while others are more 'bendy', working at your own pace is vital and more enjoyable, but at the same time you are encouraged to move beyond your comfort zone.
Insured By: Yoga Alliance

Insured By: Yoga Alliance
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